Paul Pogba challenge the substance striker Harry Kane

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Paul Pogba midfielder and Manchester United battle to challenge the substance striker Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur at champions Esperance cysts most of the 2020-21 season came to a showdown to see who can brew. Give the most teammates in the new season.

Now, the Frenchman star has played two games, has already stocked 5 assists, leading the record in this field, but Kane has not counted one , and Pogba is satisfied with his own performance, hoping to maintain consistency in order to Sew personal honor continued tangible team success.

“ Doing assists mean the most to me or not ? Just answer like this, I hope you can do it again and again. ” Opening your mouth with’MUTV and ufabet

“ It feels great to provide continuous assists. But the next step is to hope for the Assist League King. ”

“ You will want to achieve something in the end. So all of them play well to get the trophy. No matter how luxurious the form is, it’s worthless if the team is empty-handed. I focus on that I focus on doing my best on the pitch and look forward to making more assists. ”

“ This weekend’s game goes to Wolves. The intention after three games at the moment is to get seven out of nine points. We want to win the coming weekend. Know that it is very important because if Hee will be like a force to push the other way ”

“A good start to the season is important to us. Because it will push the overall picture throughout the season. Three points away from Wolves is a must. ” 

United ‘s problem in the last game that always went out. Southampton is to play sluggishly in the beginning .