How many times day should we “shoot heavily”? 

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How many times a day should we “shoot heavily“? It’s call good health.

The problem of  excretion  is a small problem. That may become a big national problem if anyone experiences the suffering of not taking pictures for a long time. During defecation, there is pain, stinging, and cutting until it bleeds. or unable to take pictures which many people call constipation

Various foods or medicines are used to make us feel comfortable and normal. But have you ever thought about  how many times we should take photos in one day? To be considered a person with good health , the digestive system is normal. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

In 1 day, how many times should we take heavy shots?

Actually, it is difficult to say how many times a person should take a shot per day because it likely varies according to the size, body shape, diet, and age of each person.

If anyone keeps observing themselves that Usually taken only once a day. and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all The stool is not dry, hard, sticky, or unusually colored. (dark yellow to brown) it can be assumed that One heavy bowel movement per day should be enough for you. On the other hand, if you know that you are a person who eats little. Notice that you’ve only taken pictures twice a day, or that you eat a lot each day, take pictures 2 times a day, and don’t feel anything unusual with each time. It shows that you are only suitable for the number of photos taken.

Each person’s photography factors That makes the number of times taken each day not the same.

  • amount of water drunk The more you drink water The more often or easier it will be taken.
  • aging It may make bowel movement more difficult.
  • Activities that are done each day If you walk and run all the time Including regular exercise (cardio) will help you excrete easily. Or more often than not, people who don’t have much activity, stay still or don’t exercise.
  • Foods eaten by people who eat few vegetables Little dietary fiber There will be little opportunity to excrete. Or is it more difficult to excrete than people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables? and people who eat starchy foods Regularly high amounts of carbohydrates It may be difficult to excrete. or less often than people who eat less starch
  • History of treatment There may be some patients with diseases that cause the excretory system to function less efficiently, such as Crohn’s disease, which is a chronic disorder of the large intestine. cause irritation and gastrointestinal tract swelling Ulcerative colitis or stomach virus Diarrhea from viruses, etc.
  • The amount of progesterone and estrogen in a woman’s body. It can affect the functioning of the digestive system as well. Because it has been found that some women will poop more often than usual when they are nearing their menstruation period, for example.
  • Each person’s way of life Some people live in rush hour. On a congested road, you have to stay in a confined space for a long time. or don’t like excretion outside the house There may be a habit of “holding back” beforehand, resulting in a change in the number of times taken each day. And you can also have problems with constipation later.

What type of heavy bowel movement is considered “normal”?

In addition to the number of times we take pictures, We have to observe ourselves. We should also observe the appearance of the stool every time we pass it. If it’s soft, easy to take, no pain, no stinging, no suffering, or no need to spend a lot of time pushing. Including a smell that isn’t too bad. There is no blood mucus or fresh blood mixed in and is yellow to brown in color. That means it’s a normal photo shoot.

Unusual heavy bowel movement

is a watery bowel movement No dietary fiber or have a small amount Abdominal cramps or abdominal pain, burning sensation, stool that is very dark or very soft, has a very bad odor, has blood mucus or fresh blood mixed in, or passes more than 4 times in a day. In addition, stool that looks like small stones. Many of the lumps are harder than normal. It is also considered a characteristic of abnormal stool. It may be caused by drinking little water. And it is a bowel movement that may signal that the large intestine has not removed all the feces. There may some residue left.